Friday, 12 December 2014

Portugal - Chain Reaction 2015

The students from EB 1 António Vitorino in Vieira de Leiria, Portugal are participating for the first time in ECR! Students are aged between 8 and 9 years. It was a great challenge and a wonderful experience. We are already thinking about the next! Now we use to see the work of our colleagues in other countries.


  1. The one of my favourite countries - Portugal! Nice video! Greetings from Latvia!

  2. Hi Portugal,

    I liked the power that is in your video! I can see the children had great fun creating it and I like the sound effects (which were sometimes scary) too!

    I you will be building the technical chain reaction with the same amount of energy, than I'm sure it will do very good!

    Kind regards,

    Dave from Belgium!