Saturday, 31 January 2015

The votes have been counted!

Hi to all chaintists,

Just to inform you, all of the votes have been counted and the ECR-2015-newsflash has been recorded last Friday as planned!

So, on Monday we can publish the ECR-2015-newsflash in which we will announce the winner of this years competition! This newsflash will be published on the blog at Monday February 2nd at 11:00 Brussels time, so all of you get to know their position in the final ranking at the same time!

We will show you the European Chain Reaction 2015 then too (all chain reactions combined into ONE CROSS BORDER EUROPEAN CHAIN REACTION), and it will be a real nice and long one, since you all were extremely creative this year! We hope all of you will be pleased with the outcome!

On Tuesday we will upload an overview in a votes-table, so all of you can see how many points you received from which countries. (We won’t publish this on Monday to hold the excitement.  Now all of you are obliged to watch the newsflash if you want to know your place in the ranking :-) !)

"Science-terrific regards",

Michael and Dave

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cyprus - Frenaros Primary School ECR2015 - ENJOY!

We spent many many hours on this competition to create something really amazing.. We stayed afternoons at school, we studied a lot and we send our greetings and best wishes to everyone..:)

Friday, 23 January 2015

Israël - 2015 - CHAIN REACTION




......and the longer version..........

Latvia - ECR 2015

Hey friends! Greetings from Latvia! 

Enjoy watching!

ECR 2015 Latvia from Ilze S on Vimeo.

Albania - Technical Chain Reaction

Hi there,

Kristel from our class made an Albanian chain reaction.

I hope you like it!


VID-20150123-WA0001 from qworzoL6A on Vimeo.

Greece - presents the Chain Reaction entitled "Ringing the bell"

Greece presents the Chain Reaction entitled "Ringing the bell" We had a lot of fun constructing the "machine" . It is the first time that we participate in this project and we enjoyed it very much.It was a great learning experience. We had the opportunity to experiment with different lay-outs.
chain reaction from polina tetteri on Vimeo.

Denmark - Vibeholmskolen

Hello Europe!
Here is our chain reaction for 2015.
As usual it has been a great learning experience. In our video you will see a lego mindstorms line following robot, an Arduino programmed toy car, a catapult and a rocket firing mechanism and a lot more.. Hope you all like it! (-;

Hungary - The European Chain Reaction 2015

The students of Class 6a proudly present our first technical chain reaction.
We hope that you'll like it

Bulgaria - The chain raection

 Dear friends, the project was made by Kris and my students from 4th grade. They have decided to present a Bulgarian folk tale and a folk children song.

Bulgarian folk tale

A lumberjack had two sons. Every time when they were in the forest together, he needed help from them. Once lumberjack has prepared the wagon and told his sons:

- Come on, boys, go alone in the forest for firewood. I will stay at home for a rest because I'm very tired.

Boys were delighted that their father could rely on them, and went out in the forest. When the older one left the house, looked back to his father and said:

- Well Dad, if we damage the car, who will fix it?

- No worries - replied the father - if you break down the car, call The Helper, it will fix it.
The boys went into the forest. They started cutting wood hastily, loaded and overloaded the car. The boys decided to go back.

In the middle of the road, when the wagon descended on a downhill, the overloaded car crashed. The boys were scared: but now how we will go back by the broken  wagon with the wood? Then the older one reminded  the words of his father and  they started shouting The Helper:
- Heeeelpeeer!!! Heeeelpeeer!!! Come and fix our car!

None called.

-Heeeelpeeer!!! - Echoed louded the voice. - Come on, we need help!

But the forest was deaf and there wasn't any answer by the support.

It was getting dark. Birds returned to their nests. On the sky appeared pale moon.

The youngest son said:

 - It was obvious that the Helper will not come. Who knows where it is now, probably fixing another car or lying under a tree. Let's try to fix the car by ourselves.

- How? - asked the older son. - It is not easy.

- I will engrave a new rod and I will try to replace it.

Said and done. The boy found a dry dogwood, cut it, carved it nice, made new hitch and put it instead of the broken one.

The boys went back.

They unloaded the woods from the car and told their father what had happened.
- Dear Dad, halfway of the road we have broken the hitch. We started calling The Helper - we shouted, shouted... but it did not answer, seemed to be lost in the ground. Then with blood, sweat and tears we  have made a new hitch stronger than the old one.
The father smiled and said:

- Well, my sons, you were looking for the Helper, but the Helper was with you. It has helped you to repair the wagon. Think a bit and you'll see I'm right.


Here we are!  

Class 5b presents the Italian chain reaction 2015.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Germany - ECR 2015

Technical chain- reaction 2015 Rasselbande from Marko Hänel on Vimeo.

It´s done!  We proudly present our first chain reaktion on etwinning ever! It was hard work to create the outside part, because we had to fight with the wind and rebuild it several times. In the end we are proud and happy with the result. It was really a great fun and the children had good ideas and inventions. We all learned a lot and we hope that you all had as much fun as we had.Creating the video was a good excercise for us unexperienced kindergarden teachers.
Greetings and best wishes to all of you!!!

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Technical Chain Reaction

Technical chain reaction from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkey - Turkish European Chain Reaction 2015

Moldova - Technical Chain Reaction

Hi all,

This was the first time when we made a chain reaction. My students were excited. We had a lot of fun!
Greetings from Moldova!

Armenia - Sweet and Techno Chain Reaction

The idea of our chain reaction belongs to the students of the 8th grade. The robots are made by them with lego bricks during their lessons of RobotX and the biscuits are baked in school kitchen by them, too. Hope you like the film.

France - French reaction

The French team presents its chain reaction.

Everything was made by the children: the chain reaction and music (piano Manon, Lucie on the accordion.)

felix ECR2 from reggianio on Vimeo.

Ireland - Technical Chain Reaction

Greetings from Ireland!!! Our Chain Reaction took a lot of thinking and we worked very hard on it. Pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th class took part in the Chain Reaction. Each class made a different Chain Reaction and we combined them. Hope you enjoy it because we did!!
Chain Reaction Ireland from St. Brendan's on Vimeo.

Lithuania - LITHUANIA 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Scotland - The European Chain Reaction 2015

Hello from Scotland! Yester Primary school represents Scotland once again this year, with the entry coming from the young children in Primary 3/4, who are 7 or 8 years old. We have had lots of fun creating our chain reaction, as usual, and the work was done entirely by the children, with no input from adults. This meant that it was quite difficult for the children, but they tried very hard. Hope you enjoy watching it, and good luck from us to all the countries involved in 2015!

Ukraine - The Ukrainian Chain Reaction 2015

       The pupils from Bila Tserkva Gymnasia #1, Ukraine present their chain reaction.The idea was to combine our hobby quilling and building the chain in making really unusual chain reaction. We spent   a lot of time together, used more than 10,000 details and near 2 liters of glue.
     This picture shows our country and the beautiful bird which will bring peace to Ukraine.

     Hope You`ll like the video!

Belgium - The Belgian Chain Reaction '15

Hi to all you scientists,

Belgium proudly presents its technical chain reaction 2015!

In the last couple of weeks 28 young Einsteins have been working very hard to create this chain and we hope you like it!

If you only have half as much fun watching this chain reaction as we had while building it, then it will surely be a lot of fun for you to watch!

We look forward to watching all your chains appear to the blog! We want to wish you the best of luck with the voting in a couple of weeks and we look forward to reading your comments!

We would like it very much if you would share our video on the internet!

Kind regards,

The children in year 6 at Qworzó, Merksplas, Belgium

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Iceland - The technical Chain Reaction from Iceland

The Technical Chain from Iceland. We learned a lot about power and energy and enjoyed it very much. 
Hope you like our chain? 
Greetings from 4th grade in Flataskóli in Iceland.

Portugal - ECR Portugal 2015

This work was done by 21 students of the 3rd year of class 3E of the School E.B. 1 António Vitorino in Vieira de Leiria, Portugal, aged 8 and 9 years old. It was a great experience and was also a lot of fun!

Slovenia - Technical Chain Reaction

Technical Chain Reaction from Slovenia OŠ Preska

This year chain reaction was built in 4th grade. We enjoyed very much  when we preprepared and assembled it. We hope you will enjoy when you are watching it.

Greetings from Slovenia.

Spain - Catalonia - European chain reaction 2015

Poland - Technical Chain Reaction

Four seasons in a year-Technical reaction from Poland 2015

Sweden - ECR2015

Please enjoy the Chain Reaction from Sweden, made by 6-8 year old kids from Rödebyskolan. all the best/Johan

Monday, 19 January 2015

Norway - "The Teacher Trap" - the Norwegian Chain Reaction 2015

What do you do when you want more breaks instead of working......?
The students in the 6th grade have their solution. Enjoy!

Austria - Technical Chain Reaction 2015

This is a "vs-wildbach production" with
actresses and actors of the 3b class.
The kids were very exited to be a part
of this great project!
Have fun watching our chain reaction!
Lovely greetings!
Janine Obrist and her team

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Netherlands - Technical chainreaction The Netherlands

Hi everyone,

Here is the technical chainreaction from the Netherlands!

Greetings from  the year 8 students from the Kastanjelaan

Monday, 12 January 2015

Finland - The European Chain Reaction 2015 from Finland

Someone has to be the first!
Here is the technical chain reaction 2015 from Finland!
We continued with the same circus theme as we had in the human chain reaction.

I downloaded the video here already on the 12th of January. What I didn't realize then, is that I had accidentaly used some illegal music without copyrights. The site where I downloaded that circus-music, seemed all right, but you haven't been able to watch our video in some countries. Here below, on the 24th of Janury, is now the same video, with the new, CC-licenced Circus Music. Enjoy!

And here is still the original one, if you have already given points to it and you want to compare them!

We hope you'll have fun watching this! We sure had fun making it!
Greetings from Finland!