Monday, 2 February 2015


Watch the video to see where your team/school/country finished in the ECR 2015 contest! Congratulations once again to all teams who participated in this fantastic project, and especially to the winners, who are....!! You'll have to watch to find out!


  1. Congratulations to everyone for participating in a unique project. It was fun and we all enjoyed it very much.

  2. Congratulations winners! It was so fun and we all enjoyed it very much!!! :-)

  3. Congratulations winners - Germany, Belgium and Norway! Thanks to Dave and Michael for the great project! We sew many interestings ideas created by students and teachers! Wonderful! We hope to see you in ECR 2016!!!

  4. WOW, WOW, WOW!
    I'm sooooooo proud of our colleagues at Rasselbande.
    Like us they won the ECR competition the first year they participated.
    WAY TO GO!

    I'm also proud of the whole project team in the biggest ECR ever.

    My special thanks for a yet another fabulous newsflash presentation from Qworzó.
    You guys are ROCK STARS!

  5. Wow! Fantastic! We are so happy! Thanks to all of you! It was really great fun to join this competition.We are not the only winners of this challenge, you made so good videos too!
    The big chain- reaction 2015 is super, thank you for your great job Belgium!

    Team Germany!

    P.S. Now is partytime!!!!!!!