Saturday, 31 January 2015

The votes have been counted!

Hi to all chaintists,

Just to inform you, all of the votes have been counted and the ECR-2015-newsflash has been recorded last Friday as planned!

So, on Monday we can publish the ECR-2015-newsflash in which we will announce the winner of this years competition! This newsflash will be published on the blog at Monday February 2nd at 11:00 Brussels time, so all of you get to know their position in the final ranking at the same time!

We will show you the European Chain Reaction 2015 then too (all chain reactions combined into ONE CROSS BORDER EUROPEAN CHAIN REACTION), and it will be a real nice and long one, since you all were extremely creative this year! We hope all of you will be pleased with the outcome!

On Tuesday we will upload an overview in a votes-table, so all of you can see how many points you received from which countries. (We won’t publish this on Monday to hold the excitement.  Now all of you are obliged to watch the newsflash if you want to know your place in the ranking :-) !)

"Science-terrific regards",

Michael and Dave


  1. Fantastic!
    As in the previous years, this has been a really great fun project to be a part of. It's been awesome for my pupils to watch and admire the work from all across Europe.
    I'd like to thank all countries for their wonderful imagination and hard work in setting up so many really outstanding chain reactions- but most of all, I think Dave needs to be thanked, as he has unlimited amounts of enthusiasm, and has done a truly outstanding job in managing this large-scale project once again!

    Thanks from Scotland!

  2. Greetings from Greece

    Congratulations to all partners. We enjoyed watching all the efforts. It was amazing to watch so many and different ways to create a chain reaction. The concept of the project is terrific.It is the first time that our school participate in a project like this. At the beginning the pupils were so eager to start our chain and we had a brainstorming.We started our trials and we had to alter the layout many times and to enrich it. The project motivated the pupils to search and to understand the rules of science and lead them in a scientific way of thinking.
    Thank you for the opportunity you offer to our pupils!
    Thanks to Dave for the support and the managing the project!

    Polina from Greece