Monday, 12 January 2015

Finland - The European Chain Reaction 2015 from Finland

Someone has to be the first!
Here is the technical chain reaction 2015 from Finland!
We continued with the same circus theme as we had in the human chain reaction.

I downloaded the video here already on the 12th of January. What I didn't realize then, is that I had accidentaly used some illegal music without copyrights. The site where I downloaded that circus-music, seemed all right, but you haven't been able to watch our video in some countries. Here below, on the 24th of Janury, is now the same video, with the new, CC-licenced Circus Music. Enjoy!

And here is still the original one, if you have already given points to it and you want to compare them!

We hope you'll have fun watching this! We sure had fun making it!
Greetings from Finland!


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  2. Hi! Great reaction!!! Interesting video! Lovely students!

  3. Hi Finland,

    Thanks for sharing this nice video with all of us! I like the magician and I never knew a tire could be as sweet as it is in your video!

    You weren't dreaming! This is magic!

    Good luck on the voting!

    Kind regards,

    Dave from Belgium

  4. It´really magic!
    We can feel the joy you had by building it;)

    Good luck from Austria,

  5. Comments from our pupils:
    It was a very good video, one of the best we have seen. It was really enjoyable.
    The music really matched the video.Very creative. It will be very hard to beat.
    How long did it take to build? Good luck.
    St. Brendan's N.S.

  6. Thank you! It took about 3 hours to build, we filmed it in two parts (magician and the tire-parts after the actual Chain Reaction in the classroom), but still the filming was maybe 30 minutes all-together. Editing was quite fast. The kids had great ideas!

  7. Hello from Germany,
    sorry but we can´t watch the video because of the rights of the music.

  8. Congratulations for being the daring first ones to upload the technical chain reaction!

    I guess many will envy the magician for her capabilities.
    Does she also use her powers to cheat in Maths tests?

    I very much like the idea of the never-tiring tire.
    Well done, everyone!

  9. Now we could watch your video, and it is fantastic, Thank you for reloading it!

    Greetings from Germany

  10. The last we watched but the most fantastic. 'Someone has to be the first', so real chances with this magical video ;)

    Greetings from Sofia